@Barefoot Doctors Sailing – Come Barefoot with us as we sail on our Leopard 45 catamaran across the Mediterranean, down the Italian coast and spend some more time in Ponza and then sail to Formia on the Italian mainland.

We show you how much algae growth you have o a new boat after 2 months, lose a shackle pin off the bridle as we raise anchor and have to work out how to make the bridle work until we can get a new shackle.

Eli runs through how to prepare the inside of the boat for a passage and in Captain’s Tips we show you how to cut and seal the end of ropes to get a long life out of them… We recover a floating melon from the sea but is it safe to eat??? We give it a go anyway….

Then we have the time we have to say goodbye to Nat and David as their time is up and we have a new mystery person joining the crew…..

Binge watch and come barefoot with us as we travel and explore the planet, mostly from the water but sometimes through the minds of others as we provide aid and support where needed through the amazing TUFMINDS solutions!

The free TUFMINDS program is released as a smartphone program under the Exqisit Life Foundation Charity, a registered not for profit and requires financial support to fund the free program. TUFMINDS saves lives by intervening at the point of suicide and pulling everyone to higher levels of mental resilience, wellbeing and functioning. it also creates better attitudes, resilience and coping – all very important for sailors facing difficult situations at sea.

@Barefoot Doctors Sailing
Donations to the charity to support Suicide Prevention with the free TUFMINDS program can be made at:
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