Sailing Geronimo | High Sierra Regatta 2022

It can never be as easy as splashing the boat and sailing I thought as Chris displayed what was left of our rudder post. Fortunately, this atrocity was not on Avocet’s rudder, but rather our Victory 21, Geronimo, that we were getting ready for the 69th annual High Sierra Regatta. Having done a few projects aboard the year prior, we thought all we needed to do was burnish the bottom and be on our way but of course the universe couldn’t let us get away with it that easily. The race weekend went by in a blink but was full of fun and memories. We don’t know exactly where Avocet will be in July of 2023, but we do know that Chris and I will be sailing Geronimo alongside the rest of the Victory fleet in the 70th annual High Sierra Regatta!

Who knows, maybe after a whole season of cruising we will become unstoppable 😉

Big thanks to the SV Prism crew for being our personal videographers catching the action on the water; to Mitch and Quincey for being great competitors and pals; to Peter and Olivia for joining us despite having only met us once before; and of course to Mama Neely and China Peak Landing for the accommodations ♥️

Check out the High Sierra Regatta recap blog:

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