We finally meet a Mermaid!

Three weeks at sea, and first mate decides to ‘add a little color’… By DRESSING IN DRAG and introducing YOU to Zuzu, the first female crew of this crossing! I dare you not to laugh at this HILARIOUS episode of Zingaro’s Atlantic crossing!

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Epidemic Sound

00:00 Intro
00:26 Meet ZUZU
2:23 Zach is back
2:44 Sailing Update
3:41 Setting the sails for Bermuda
4:42 Setting the main sail
5:53 Fire Marshal Bill
6:12 Waypoints
7:20 Fishing for Mahi
8:48 Arriving to Bermuda!
10:46 A special gift for a special Patron
12:42 Enjoying Bermuda
13:45 Next week…
14:00 MORE ZUZU!!!