OFFICIALLY Sailboat Cruisers! | Sailing Avocet

OFFICIALLY Sailboat Cruisers! | Sailing Avocet

Ventura California filled our hearts up to a capacity I didn’t know existed which is why it made sailing away SO hard. We spent 4 years doing DIY boat projects preparing for this grand adventure and the time finally came – a bittersweet moment full of excitement and tears. Ventura is the first place we really laid down roots and will always carry a piece of the city with us on our journey – and not just because it is legally on our USCG documentation. So much love had been poured into Avocet, it was time to cash in on the effort in exchange for adventure, and we had the right weather window to make it happen.

Video Chapters:
Ventura to Santa Barbara: 0:00 – 1:50
First Day “at sea” (our autopilot broke): 1:50 – 5:40
Second Day “at sea” (Our Engine Leaks, there’s whales, & our sail rips): 5:40 – 8:49
Sailing under the Golden Gate: 8:50 – 11:38
First stop Treasure Island: 11:38 – 13:06
Next on Sailing Avocet: 13:06 – 14:00

We would be amiss to not formally thank all of our friends and family that helped make our dreams reality. We appreciate all of the kind words and support over the years, and hope we can continue to make you proud. Please be sure to read the blog post about our decision to sail north that has ALL the nitty gritty details! Read here:

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