SSL666 ~ It was too rough, so we turned back..

SSL666 ~ It was too rough, so we turned back..

Christmas Eve we attempted to make a run to the San Blas Islands of Panama, thinking it would be a great place to spend Christmas, but the weather did not cooperate and nobody was enjoying the trip.. we had wind, waves, and current all working against us so we decided to turn back to Portobelo where the bay is always calm in this kind of wind conditions. Our Christmas Day we spent with some good friends here in Portobelo, Panama.. Maddy prepared a perfect pasta lasagna onboard, and Francesco prepared Italian pizzas at his restaurant where we would spend a nice private night with friends… and we also got a lesson in making authentic Mexican HOT TAMALES from our friend Yivini!
Enjoy the video, and thanks as always for watching!
Capitan Rick, Maddy, Ricci, & TIKI

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