Endangered Sea Turtle Rescue! Chuffed Adventures S5E5

Endangered Sea Turtle Rescue! Chuffed Adventures S5E5

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We rescue an endangered sea turtle, and keep her in our make shift marina hospital for treatment.
TT is a black sea turtle (aka. Pacific green), she is aprox 50 years old and weighs 100kg! She is likely a breeding female, and so saving her was extremely important. We are very grateful to all of our supporters, PROFEPA, the biologists, vets and the marina folk who helped make this happen.

00:00 Get Chuffed
01:02 Sick sea turtle
01:56 Turtle rescue
03:05 Initial veterinary examination
04:42 Meet the endangered sea turtle TT
05:06 Makeshift turtle hospital
05:26 Treatment plan and findings
09:53 Diagnostics and activated charcoal
11:38 Day 3 in hospital
12:54 Algal toxicity and treatment
14:20 Day 4 in hospital
16:44 Release of endangered sea turtle

Thanks to our supporters who enable us to continue our mission.

Lots of love,
Dr Sheddy and Jim

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