SAILING WATERFALLS in Montenegro 🥶 NEW COURSE in Sailing Life

SAILING WATERFALLS in Montenegro 🥶 NEW COURSE in Sailing Life

“NEW COURSE in Sailing Life | Waterfalls SAILING in Montenegro,” Our dream is to cross the Atlantic Ocean and sail around the world, exploring new horizons and embracing the freedom of the open seas. However, life had other plans for us, and we found ourselves drawn to the enchanting beauty of Montenegro.

In this video, we take you along on our first sail of the year in Winter in Montenegro. Brace yourself for breathtaking views as we navigate the pristine waters of the Bay of Kotor, Lady of the Rock Island Montenegro, a hidden gem nestled between majestic mountains. You’ll witness the serenity and tranquillity that comes with winter sailing. But that’s not all! We’re thrilled to share some big news with you! A new course in life. Join us as we explore Montenegro, sharing our joy and excitement for this new chapter in our lives. From the bustling marina of Porto Montenegro to the cosy liveaboard sailboats, we’ll give you an insider’s glimpse into the thriving sailing community that thrives in this vibrant country.

This video is not just about sailing; it’s about family, adventure, and the incredible opportunities that Montenegro has to offer. We’ll immerse ourselves in the entrepreneurial spirit of Montenegro, showcasing the unique possibilities that we’ve discovered along the way. Montenegro has truly become our home, and we can’t wait to share our love for this place with you. Join us on this journey of new beginnings and endless possibilities. Get ready for a dose of boat life, family sailing adventures, and the beauty of Montenegro’s winter landscapes.

And here is the link to the special podcast episode about making the impossible possible in life or business – wheb things heated up:

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⏱ Timestamp
00:00 Introduction
02:43 First sail of the year | Winter Sailing
09:43 Waking up behind anchor
13:00 Early morning cold water dive
17:00 Find our way to the property
20:45 We’ve tried & failed graciously
22:25 Or wait….
27:53 What a journey

Come aboard as we navigate this new course in our sailing life!

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