Oxley Levante Set Up – How to set up the Oxley Levante

Oxley Levante Set Up - How to set up the Oxley Levante

Join the Barefoot Doctors Sailing to see how to set up an Oxley Levante on a Leopard 50 sailing catamaran.

Here is the fastest and easiest way to set up the Oxley Levante (winged spinnaker) when they arrive new in the box! Paul Badenhorst who is an experienced skipper with over 285,000nm under his belt, shows how to set up this Oxley Levante on the front trampoline of the boat, in this case a Leopard 50 catamaran.

This technique avoids the need to find a large field and is faster and easier too – as we have done it both ways!

This short how to video is specifically time at people that have ordered a new Oxley and shop the steps to unpack it and run the lines and the sock for successful, fast and easy sailing downwind. We commonly sail our Leopard at 50% of the true wind directly downwind and higher percentages when at higher angles! The ease of operation and forgiving nature of the sail makes this ideal for long distance downwind sailing and eliminates the risk of gybing and the stress of sailing deep!!!

For more information and to order your Oxley, contact either Paul on Facebook or WhatsApp (+27 73 510 0081) or Marcos on email marcos@oxleysa.com.

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