S3#20. Epic Start to Atlantic Crossing – Hit by Storm Day1

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Join Barefoot Doctors Sailing as we take you with us through the last few days of frenetic prep to get the boat fully stocked and ready for the Atlantic crossing. From long term to short term supplies, checking for leaks in the windows and cruising medical kit, everything is collected to be ready to go.

Then we set off with emotions of excitement, wonder, anxiety and relief, we exit Cape Town on a glassy flat sea to be hit with a storm from that very night. Winds of 35-40 knots pound the boat, 4- 5m waves and we sail under a double reefed Genoa alone as the weather gets worse.

We see Paul, the veteran Atlantic captain use a sling line to stabilise the Genoa and get better angles to the wind and he makes an effective drogue from the mooring lines.

So if you are brave enough to join us through this storm, feel free to jump aboard and have the deafening thrill of your life!

In the next episode (S3#21) we will continue the Atlantic journey with you and you can see how the storm progresses over the days – is there any damage done or does the Leopard 50 break up in the pounding…. We will see!

If you want to know what it is like to sail 8000 miles across open ocean, jump on board!

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