FINISH PRIMER Is Going On Our Owner’s Hull! (MJ Sailing – Ep 299)

FINISH PRIMER Is Going On Our Owner's Hull! (MJ Sailing - Ep 299)

This week we’re making a few big visual changes within our catamaran.

In the port guest hull, Matt is in the aft berth working around the engine bed to fit in our electric hybrid engine. We had already moved the engine bulkhead forward one time, and making a small storage space at the forward edge under the bed.

Now that we have final plans of how our hybrid engine will fit in the space, we need a few extra inches forward of what we had planned and need to cut the bulkhead out once again. This means our forward floor needs to come up as well, a task that has been done four times now.

Once it’s up we need to continue the stringers further forward to bulkhead 6. To fill up the empty space beneath, Matt takes a bunch of our scrap strings of foam and places them inside, and then we top up the space with our Total Boat Flotation Foam.

In the owner’s hull it’s time to get primer on once more, but this time we switch over to Awl Quick, which is called a finish primer, will be the last primer to go on before paint. There will probably be two coats of it that go on before we do actually paint, but it feels like a big success to get to this point.

Then, out on the foredeck, Matt continues his work with all our storage lockers, to be able to get our SouthCo hinges in place. All the holes get measured and drilled out, and then the areas have to be decored to fill in the space with thickened resin so there will be no issues with leaking once we put everything on for a final installation.

We’re slowly getting to new and exciting parts of the build, thank you so much for joining us each week!


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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 – Changing engine bed from diesel to hybrid
04:26 – The FOURTH time this floor has come out
05:56 – Filling the stringers with flotation foam
08:50 – Switching to our finish primer
10:25 – Matt sprays primer on the owner’s hull
13:56 – SouthCo latches Part 2
18:38 – Closing

Building Chemistry – Cody Francis
I’ll Be Me – Penny Lane
Moving Days – Dylan Sitts
Park Inn – Dylan Sitts
Rain Check – Dylan Sitts
Visitors – Dylan Sitts
Pandemonium (Tribute Version) – The Mondays

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Matt begins the project of hinges and latches for our foredeck lockers, and runs into a few limitations along the way where adjustments need to be made.

For a day away from boat work, we hop on a Voyage 440 that belongs to our friends Jon and Angela, and make the trip down to St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for their Waterman’s Appreciation Day. The big event is the docking competition through the Chesapeake Cowyboys, and we try to drop our anchor as close to the show as possible.

Next week we’ll finish up work to the foredeck hatches, make some adjustments to the guest berth to accomodate for our hybrid engine, and get some new primer on the hulls.

We hope you enjoy!

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