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The Delos crew is at it again in one of our most beautiful backdrops yet. After being cooped up for nearly three weeks at sea with only 53 feet of space for our legs to roam, we let loose on the beautiful island of Fatu Hiva in French Polynesia. Fatu Hiva is truly a dream, and we were completely blown away at every turn. We’re anchored in the Bay of Virgins, and one of the iconic features of this anchorage is a waterfront perfectly manicured soccer field. So of course we had to take to the grass and give our legs a proper workout. This would be just the first of our immersions into the local culture here, and we enjoy a beautiful local Polynesian dinner, and one of us even gets a tattoo with a HILARIOUS twist 😂 Now that Sierra is getting a bit older and becoming more and more perceptive, it feels so amazing to show her all the different ways that people live. Different languages, cultures, scenery, big cities, remote villages. This is one of the things we are most grateful about in our lifestyle is to be able to give Sierra such a broad range of experiences and to make her feel like there isn’t one set path in life. We hope you enjoy this video, and thank you so much for coming along on this beautiful voyage with us!

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