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We are going raw and off gird in the Canadian Wilderness with our @OffGridLife

I'll be honest, their is HARD! Living on a has tons of challenges, and maybe it's just because I'm used to it, but I'd take our level of hard over theirs any day.
But with that hard comes some of the most beautiful, breathtaking nature in the world.

Love you all, be safe be !

Brett Jade Dingo and Penny

00:00 Introduction
04:11 Jake and Nicolle Intro
13:34 Splittin Wood Workout
17:22 Harvesting from the Garden
20:49 Exploring & Swimming in the Lake
29:18 Nature's Hot tub
36:32 Archery
43:33 Garden Foraging & Outdoor Cooking
52:42 LET'S plant a tree
56:28 Saying Goodbye


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