THESE THINGS WERE KILLING ME!! I had EMERGENCY Surgery in Thailand! Ep 323

THESE THINGS WERE KILLING ME!! I had EMERGENCY Surgery in Thailand! Ep 323

Bonita has had complications with her breast implants. After seeing a doctor, she needed to have emergency surgery in Thailand…

This is a very personal subject that we are sharing and appreciate your kind words. Please respect this situation and understand it is part of our lives and our journey.

After discovering that Bonita’s breast implants were ruptured and leaking, we needed to find a surgeon in Thailand for explant surgery. Discovering a great specialist in Bangkok, we travelled from Phuket to Bangkok to see the specialist to complete the explant procedure.

This is not medical advice. I am merely sharing my own personal experience and what I’ve gone through.
There are resource links in the description about my surgery and breast implant illness.
This video is for information purposes only and to provide insight into my own personal experience in hopes of helping other women.

Enbloc Full capsulectomy / Full capsulectomy –

Risk factors of Silicone Implants –

FDA study –

Are breast implants really impermeable –

Inflamation and depression –

Breast Implant Illness –

Breast Implant associated cancer – ALCL –,can%20spread%20throughout%20the%20body.

FDA Safety alert – SCC –

Breast Implant Illness facebook page 185K women –

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