Looking Like a Mold & NOT a Kit – Spraying Gelcoat (MJ Sailing – Ep 302)

Looking Like a Mold & NOT a Kit - Spraying Gelcoat (MJ Sailing - Ep 302)

Our hull has come to us in dozens of pieces, but it’s time to make it look like a factory mold.

Focusing our attention on the transom area of the boat, we go through all the steps to blend the seams together, after we had initially bonded them with methacrylate and glassed from the inside.

To continue work on the exterior, first the gelcoat would need to be removed from a few inches on each side. Any gaps in the seam were then filled with a thickened resin that had extra chop strand fiberglass in it. A piece of 12 oz double biased fiberglass was laid out, and after curing overnight, was sanded.

The surface was then covered with our white polyester fairing compound, and worked so that all of the surfaces were flush. Then, it was time to apply gelcoat!! It’s recommended that five coats of 5mm thickness go on, and each new coat goes on after a flash of the first.

We did have to deal with some unexpected rain and humidity, but we think overall the project was a success!!

We hope you enjoy.

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 – DOZENS of seams to fill on our boat
00:57 – Removing gelcoat from transom seams
02:55 – Getting in the cracks with a grinder
04:52 – Filling with thickened resin & glassing
07:54 – Sanding down and fairing
10:45 – Applying first layer of gelcoat
13:11 – We need 5x 5mm coats
14:47 – Unexpected thunderstorm. :/
16:56 – How’d it turn out?
17:41 – Closing

Beck and Call – Torii Wolf
Bright Red Lights – Coma Svensson
Golden Crates – Dusty Decks
More Than You Can Chew – Rockin’ for Decades
Overcoming – Cospe
Pandemonium (Tribute Version) – The Mondays

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