These Things Never Made it on YouTube (showing mistakes hurt) | EE 136

These Things Never Made it on YouTube (showing mistakes hurt) | EE 136

Stuck up the mast and only one way down. Genuinely scared for my life, hanging by a thread. Also there are some things we haven’t told you…
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This episode brings together a LOT of different things. Not only do I go up the mast (several times), we make one of the most expensive mistakes (so far), install our new instruments in the middle of the night, measure for new sails, rent a mini van, fix a camera, but we finally leave Florida!

We can’t thank you all enough for making this life of our possible. We literally could not, would not, be able to do it without you all. Special thanks to our amazing Patrons and supporters, you are incredible!

Love you all, be safe be good!
Brett Jade Dingo and Penny

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