Ahoy Delos Tribe! We have one heck of an episode coming for ya this week, and we wanted to do something extra special for it. We will be Premiering part 1 of our ultimate rematch with Parlay Revival ….A 3 day open ocean sailing race through some of the wildest conditions we've seen in a minute. That means we will be watching and live chatting right alongside you guys, and then it will roll directly into a livestream where we can chat more, give you some updates, and answer some questions! This is gonna be SUPER fun and you don't wanna miss it! We decided to do it on the weekend to make it easier for more of you to join us, so it will be this Sunday September 17th at 2PM EST. Head over to https://youtu.be/rAOSScWz3yo?feature=shared to check out the watch page and you can even set up a notification there to let you know when it's about to go LIVE!

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