Why Do We Do This?! I can’t remember…

Why Do We Do This?! I can't remember...

This week we answer the question: is the stress, expense, discomfort and effort of cruising actually worth it? We continue our journey south from Pattaya with our friends Nikki and Jason from @gonewiththewynns and as we close in on Koh Tao after two long days at sea, we’ve got some thoughts.

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00:00 leaving… wherever it was we were anchored
01:09 Intro
01:31 Sails are up and we’re off
08:05 We’re sailing!
08:55 Worth it??

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Epidemic Sound

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We met travelling around India, and quickly agreed that rather than “settling down” and doing what most normal people do, we wanted to travel and adventure instead and started our sailing lifestyle adventure stories, since then, we’ve been working hard towards achieving our dreams, and now we’re finally living them as sailing cruising lifestyle!

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