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more FREEDOM in your life with 10 clear steps
let’s leave the 9-5 (and let’s be honest a lot more) narrative and change your life

Will you join us in our final free event of the year? One full with amazing individuals, uplifting and empowering energy, insights and life changing transformation, a 2 hour sessions we co create with you and the others and where we share that what nobody shares so openly and for free

Ready to get ignited on how to live more free and in line with your deepest desires?

Even and maybe especially in a world as of today?

We invite you to join us online on 25th of October from 20:00-22:00 CET

anything and everything will be possible

✔️ You will know exactly which mindset shifts we needed to make to get where we are today, traveling for 6 years with our kids, multiple businesses with 6 figure revenue and working only 2-4 hours a day

✔️ You will understand and have clarity on the next 10 steps you need to take to live inline with your desires and create more balance, freedom, money, and time in your life for you and your family

✔️ You will have insights into how to set up different income streams, your first business or even bring your current business to new levels so you can live your dream life


Because it is our mission this year to enable as many people as possible to live more free, more inline with their desires, with more peace of mind and happiness.

We are Rianne and Gerben, traveling the world for the last 6 years with our kids while building several businesses and income streams with working max 2-4 hours a day.

Rianne came from a corporate career in a multinational and Gerben a born entrepreneur, came from the technology start up scene working hard and long hours, to now fully live life and entrepreneur on their terms and in line with their desires

In our world it is never this or that, it is always and

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