My 36 Hour Career as a Superyacht Mate

My 36 Hour Career as a Superyacht Mate

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Welcome back to the colossal 135ft Sailing Yacht known as DESTINATION.  Last week we watched Jason sharpen his culinary skills as Sous Chef.  Now, it’s my turn as we set sail from Monaco to Palma.

I’ve snagged the role of Mate which means I am responsible for everything from keeping a vigilant watch (hello man overboard drill) to engine checks (does not go off without a hitch) and even playing spiderman up the mast (150 feet up in the air!).   And, despite our many sea going miles, the challenges of operating a superyacht of this caliber are unlike anything we’ve experienced before.  The contrast between our humble boat and the grandeur of Destination is striking to say the least.

Join us for Part 2 of this sea fearing adventure, where we see if my cruising sea legs are strong enough for a shot at being professional crew. ⛵🌊

WE’RE JASON AND NIKKI WYNN. A couple of modern-day documentarians, perpetual travelers, and seekers of tall tales.

We’ve been chasing our curiosity around the world on wheels and keels since 2011. Why? Because curiosity is the key to unlocking life. It pushes us outside our comfort zone, softens our assumptions, and helps us embrace the great unknown. The more we let our curiosity lead the way, the more we discover about ourselves and the world around us.

Our home is also our transportation and we spend weeks away from civilization and sometimes land. Self-reliance and living a sustainable lifestyle are a must. It’s all about managing our resources and we’re always looking for new and better ways to do so.

We’ve lived off the grid for over 10 years now in everything from a Van to RV to a Sailboat. And over time we have learned a lot about renewable energy, creating safe drinking water, and managing our waste.

Our journey is ever-evolving but the mission remains the same: #CultivateCuriosity

Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:

00:00 Working as Crew on a Yacht
01:18 Anchor Up in Monaco
02:19 Climbing Up a 172 foot mast!
05:07 Sunset Man Overboard Drill (Ocean Trash)
06:45 The Silent Beauty of Night Watch
07:52 Sunrise over the Med
08:49 Searching for Boat Supplies Around the World
11:17 Mid-Passage Swim in 6,500 feet of water
12:14 Watch, Captains Log and CALM
14:22 Land Ho and Celebration!
15:47 Stunning Sunset – No Drone, No Worries
19:22 Avoiding Mate Responsibilities
21:24 Prep for Docking & Engine Room Checks
23:33 Sunrise Docking in Palma, Mallorca
25:58 Converting a yacht to Docked Crew Mode


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