Paying Off Our Debts! | Sailing Sunday Vlog. 232

Paying Off Our Debts! | Sailing Sunday Vlog. 232

This week is an epic reality of what life is like living on a boat sailing around the world! It’s just fun in the sun, cocktails and bikinis, we get to take you back 4 years ago and reminisce on times back in Greece, Turkey and crossing the Atlantic ocean this week bringing you to why we stopped in a small town to help our fellow sailors on the hard and receive help ourselves from other fellow sailors! This is the true reality of living on a boat and why the sailing community is the best!

Follow our travel vlog with myself Ryan, Brittni and our rescue pup Jackson as we travel the world on our sailboat, dedicated to rescuing and finding loving homes for street animals along the way. Experience the unfiltered and heartfelt journey of these street animals – from their rescue on the streets of various countries to their heartwarming recovery and ultimate adoption into forever homes, and lets not forget the fun and adventure we have through our exciting travel vlog.

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