Join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime. across the ocean with 30 days at sea.
When we bought Eva all those years ago, we dreamed of doing this. Of crossing an ocean, and this is that story. A story of 3 humans and 2 dogs who sailed from the Bahamas, to Bermuda, all the way across the Atlantic to Morocco and up into Spain.

Leaving the Bahamas was sad, knowing we most likely would never there again. But the call of new countries to explore made it worth it. It didn't make it into the , but docking in Bermuda was changing. It was the nastiest we'd been in, and were told we had to dock immediately. Problem is, the area right in front of the dock was crowded with anchored boats, maneuvering was tight and as we tried to dock the transmission broke in a way that meant I was limited to forward only.
I somehow managed to peel off the approach to dock, dodged a guy trying to row his dinghy in 30kts of wind thought the anchorage, and dropped anchor so we could try and fix the transmission.

The problem turned out to be a control cable that pulled free, and was temporarily fixable. So after letting the wind slow a bit we were able to try again and dockes up successfully.

This was the start of our time in Bermuda. A place we came to love and after picking up our friend Aiyana a few vet appointments later we were ready to leave. Except there was a tropical storm threatening to become a hurricane directly on our path!

Days 1-18 sailing from Bermuda to Horta were just perfect. We crossed the North Atlantic Ocean! 3 humans and 2 dogs covering 2000 nautical miles, catching some fish, a bird and a jellyfish along way.

We made it Horta hours before the storm we raced pounded the anchorage. We made the right decision by motor sailing the last day. Repairs and reprovisioning in Horta was amazing. We loved our time there and were all sad to leave, but Morocco and the we're calling.

Morocco was shocking. None of went into it as prepared as we normally do if I'm being honest. But I think that lead all of us to just accept Morocco as it was with no expectations, and it was magic. Jade learned she LOVES Tajin and we made some there.

Leaving Morocco we managed to not lose our rudder to Orca attacks. Though we saw 2, they deemed us worthy and allowed Eva to pass through their waters unharmed. Thanks for that. We met several boats during our time in Morocco that had very different fates recently.

We reeled in our biggest fish EVER on our way to Spain and gorged ourselves on delicious Tuna steaks the rest of the trip.
We said goodbye to Aiyana in Barcelona and that is epic video ends. The story, the documented life of , our home Eva, and our little will continue.

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