The Sail That BROKE US 😵 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 446

The Sail That BROKE US 😵 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 446

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We were in for a RUDE AWAKENING 😳 Our weather window to make our final shot towards the Marquesas Islands had finally arrived, and it was time to pull the hook and set off on our first multi day passage in a while. We knew it would be a bit of an uncomfortable sail, but something about this one just hit differently. Both of us were SO seasick (which for Kazza is fairly normal when it’s rough out, but I very rarely get seasick) and just struggling super hard as we beat our way north. It’s hard to capture on camera what it’s really like, but its a feeling of just being miserable and there is no where to escape except to keep moving toward your destination. You are literally just trying to survive, the smallest tasks like going to the bathroom or making a cup of tea become a monumental effort…when you can barely take care of yourself, and you need to take care of another tiny human that is completely relying on you, it becomes even tougher. So clip in, and get ready to join us for a rough ride!

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