We’ve Been MISERABLE Lately…Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 447

We've Been MISERABLE Lately...Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 447

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We had hit our limit both physically and emotionally after one of our toughest sails in recent memory. 4 days of battling rough, upwind conditions had left us totally drained. But hey we made it right?? And things would get better right?? Well, not quite. We arrived to find the anchorages were incredibly exposed to the swell, making our floating home feel like we were trapped inside an amusement park ride that just wouldn’t stop…it was HOT and full of bugs, and the breaking waves on shore made it difficult to take Sierra onto land so she could get her energy out. Now don’t get me wrong, we know we are SO LUCKY to live this lifestyle and call places like this our backyard…but still, sometimes life can feel really hard, whether you live on a boat, in a house, and no matter how perfect things can seem on the outside. So this was where we were at right now…drained, totally in a funk, and generally just over it. But luckily, we had a very special visitor arriving that would help us find our way back to our happy place 🥰

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