72 Hours at Sea, Navigating to Borneo Jungle!

72 Hours at Sea, Navigating to Borneo Jungle!

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0:00 – Start
0:17 – Meet our Crew
1:44 – Animal Safari
5:00 – Morning Tasks
10:00 – Dropping Anchor
11:30 – 5AM Routine
13:57 – Dolphins!
14:30 – Problem Solving
16:30 – Hoisting MASSIVE sails!
18:00 – Healthy Lunch Prep
20:00 – Exploring a beautiful island.
21:40 – Releasing Endangered Turtles!
23:40 – Honest Thoughts
25:00 – Sailing for the RIVER!
29:00 – Lifting our Rudder
30:50 – Accident Onboard!
33:29 – Welcome to the Kinabatangan River




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