Charlie is helping to clean the the Teak onboard our floating home sailing catamaran, Emma James. We are using the Just Teak kit from GreenCorp and we are tackling all the spots we have teak onboard; back bench, cockpit seats, dolphin seats, and the shower.

The shower was the most tedious part getting into all the holes but so satifying in the end. The most satisfying to see the before and after were: the back bench seat and the dolphin seats at the bow.

Just Teak website:

Welcome to Sailing with the James’s! We are the James Family, we purchased an unfinished aluminium catamaran and are fixing her up as we sail around the world. Come onboard our boat and join this sailing family aboard on our floating home!

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Chapter Content:
00:00 – Start
00:45 – Teaking Today
03:34 – Shower Floor
05:39 – Satisfying Bench Seat
07:04 – Day Two Dolphin Seats
09:13 – Sealing Cockpit Seats
09:51 – End Credits

ABOUT US: We are a family of three sailing around the world and sharing our adventures in family-friendly episodes every week! Sam is originally from New Zealand, Cait is originally from the United States; we met in Cairns, Australia and a few years later Charlie was born! We purchased an old, unfinished, aluminum Catamaran and are fixing her up as we sail around the world. Subscribe and follow our journey!


‘Just Teak’ Kit we used can be found here:

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