Finding HIDDEN DAMAGE 😫 (Fractured Bulkhead = NO BUENO) | EE 148

Finding HIDDEN DAMAGE 😫 (Fractured Bulkhead = NO BUENO) | EE 148

Finding hidden damage, a fractured bulkhead on your sailboat is NEVER a good day.
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This is not what we were expected when we lifted up the mattress in our hunt for more mold. What we found was actually way, way worse. A minor bulkhead has separated from the hull and is now a bluetooth bulkhead. Not exactly what we like to see after having sailed who knows how many thousands of miles like that!

But, you know us, it’s just fiberglass. And in this instance, we don’t even need the grinders. At least we hope not.

Oh thanks @TotalBoat for the Thixo! We love this stuff πŸ˜€

And thanks for watching!

Love you all, be safe be good!
Brett Jade Dingo Penny

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