I’ve Dreamed of Painting Our Boat This BRIGHT RED!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 321)

I've Dreamed of Painting Our Boat This BRIGHT RED!! (MJ Sailing - Ep 321)

It seems like everyone has a white boat….so we’ve decided to make a change with ours.

We’re so sorry for the month of silence – there hasn’t been much to update on our end, except the tent still hasn’t been repaired and there’s only been a few spaces inside the boat where we can work.

We’ve turned our focus to trying to finish out the fairing and priming in both aft berths as well as the master head. We’ve now gotten some of those areas far enough along that they’re ready for finish primer!! This will be the last round of priming before they’re ready for paint.

To help us out with this step, we’ve turned to our new partners at Alexseal. They make some very high quality products, and at this stage we’ve been able to use their fine filler (fairing compound for minute details) and now the finish primer. Which is incredibly thin, and we’ll have to give ourselves some leeway as we learn how to work with in.

The walls in our master berth and master head have now been painted white with this primer and they look amazing!! It’s incredible getting a better feel of what these spaces will look like once they’re complete.

And in other exciting news, we’ll also be working with Alexseal to paint the hull of our boat!! This won’t be happening until next spring, so we have plenty of time to decide the color. Although after seeing a specific Gunboat in St. Barths a few years ago, I always thought burnt red would be a cool color. 😉

What would your suggestions for our hull color be?

We hope you enjoy!!

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