Life as a Sailing Veterinarian: Chuffed Adventures S6Ep6

Life as a Sailing Veterinarian: Chuffed Adventures S6Ep6

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We finish up our final day with the PAW Mulege clinic before setting sail to Punta Pulpito in the Sea of Cortez.
Special thanks to @svdelos for sponsoring the project with PAW Mulege.
Check out Dave’s grandson @Sickos – maybe I should have Jim do more stunts…

00:00 Intro
01:13 Surgery Day
01:49 Dog lump removal surgery
02:53 Dog skin abscess treatment
03:24 Repairing a dog umbilical hernia
04:26 Back on Chuffed
06:35 To Santo Domingo
08:50 To Punta Pulpito
11:18 Talk at Camera
12:31 Sailing
13:30 Anchoring in Punta Pulpito

Thanks to our supporters who enable us to continue our mission.

Lots of love,
Dr Sheddy and Jim

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