My 7 Days Detox Fasting Retreat (INCREDIBLE Results!)

My 7 Days Detox Fasting Retreat (INCREDIBLE Results!)

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0:00 – Start
0:03 – Episode Overview
2:30 – Why am I Fasting?
4:30 – Day One
6:30 – Meet Kate & Pat
9:20 – Meet the Devil’s Advocate
12:01 – Thoughts & Reflections
13:20 – Day Two
18:00 – Parasite Zapper!
19:20 – Day Four
20:35 – Yoga & Acrobatics
21:40 – Scientific Studies
22:07 – Water Blessing
24:00 – Kids Visit
26:01 – Clay for Breakfast!
27:46 – Day Six
28:40 – Workshop with Kate
30:30 – Devil’s Advocate Returns!
31:30 – Liver Flush
33:50 – Breaking my Fast!
34:40 – A Letter to Myself
36:40 – Reflections & Raised Vibrations!




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