Our SECOND TIME sailing to Easter Island! (pt. 2/2)

Our SECOND TIME sailing to Easter Island! (pt. 2/2)

Sailing back to the magical island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), we take locals sailing, harvest honey, and have the privilege of recording a local artist. This is the highlight of a beautiful 10 days in an unimaginably beautiful place.

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Epidemic Sound

00:00-1:13 Intro
1:13-2:02 Highlights
2:02 Rapa Nui Guitar while Sailing
3:04 Sailing around Easter Island
4:03 Anchoring in Hanga Roa
5:27 Rapa Nui Festival
8:02 Working with Manu Meri Honey (Covered in BEES!)
13:11 Harvesting the Honey
15:47 Cleaning the Honeycomb
16:37 A word from James, Ana and Luna
17:32 Rapa Nui Artist Song

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