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DAY IN THE : to a REAL LIFE Kingdom (in Italy)! 🏝️
We Sailed to the SMALLEST KINGDOM island in the World!

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💃Kristina Costalos:
👨‍✈️John Tilley:

0:00 Intro: Tavolara Island
1:24 Waking up onboard
3:26 Exploring in Golfo Aranci
7:15 Sailing to Tavolara Island
12:54 Tavolara Military NATO Island
13:18 Arriving to Tavolara Island
21:18 Exploring Tavolara, the Smallest Kingdom In the World
27:13 Meeting the KING of Tavolara


John and purchased a 50ft Jeanneau with just a few weeks sailing experience. They set from and travelled up the East Coast of to the Great Barrier Reef, and have since sailed in Greece, The Bahamas and now, the Western Med!

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