Seeing our New Aluminium Exploration Boat for the first time!

⛵️ Seeing our New Aluminium Exploration Boat for the first time!! 🤩 Ep.325

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We are Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple that during a sabbatical trip in 2016 decided to follow our dream. So, we created “Odd Life Crafting”, a project composed of many smaller projects that we call seasons.
The first one was the creation of Odd Life Crafting. The idea was to build a metal boat to be able to travel the world taking our house with us, but we didn’t have money for that. So, we started the next season: we built a tiny shipping container house with no prior experience in building to gain some skills to build a boat. When we were almost finished we found a boat 700km away from our hometown that was neglected for over 22 years and we spent 2 years refitting her (Season 3). The last season has been a dream coming true… we are exploring the Brazilian coast with OUR BOAT that we called Odd.. But wait? What happened to the house? Check out our website to know more about it

We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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