The BEST & WORST Anchors. Settling the Great Debate Forever.

The BEST & WORST Anchors. Settling the Great Debate Forever.

A look into our anchor selection & anchoring process!

Our next huge challenge is the Northwest Passage this summer. More info:

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sv Panope anchor testing videos:
sv Amanda Anchor Rode Calculator:
Rocna Scope vs Catenary:
Klemheist knot (to quickly tie a loop to anchor chain):
Icicle hitch (to tie snubber to anchor chain):

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00:00 Settling the Debate
00:28 The modern anchors
01:38 The BAD anchors
04:12 Making the ultimate choice
07:32 How many anchors & the best BACKUP anchor?
09:56 How we anchor
14:35 Protecting your windlass
15:10 How to PROPERLY set the anchor
19:10 Our super SIMPLE & effective snubber setup
22:24 A special trick!
24:26 The Best anchor alarm apps
26:53 SPECIAL feature: Anchor riding sail
29:13 Catenary and how it does NOT work
34:39 CHAIN selection
37:47 Swivels are useless?
39:07 Windlass
40:03 Chain stoppers are useless?
42:36 Our Northwest Passage Plans!

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