Unveiling The Sleek And Stylish Max Cruise 48 Catamaran (MJ Sailing – Ep 324)

Unveiling The Sleek And Stylish Max Cruise 48 Catamaran (MJ Sailing - Ep 324)

Get everything you want out your cruising catamaran, for the base price of $825,000.

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We’re so excited to bring you the next part of our Max Cruise adventure! Last week, after touring the latest 44 ft catamaran, with all of its upgrades and changes, this week we get to reveal their new 48 ft boat!!

This is something we’ve both been looking forward to seeing for so long now, as we’ve longingly been glancing at the renders for over a year now. But it was finally time to see this mix of comfort and performance in person!!

Not only will it sail just as well as we’ve seen the 44 do, but this boat packs wider hulls, a massive galley and cockpit, as well as the payload to bring along all your favorite toys.

We were able to get aboard approximately 6 weeks before launching, and although the last coat of paint and veneers were to be added, it was easy to get a feel for the space.

Next up we toured the Max 55, with a completely custom interior. Normally it would follow the layout of the 48, but this owner had some other things in mind.

Tell us what you think of each boat down in the comments!

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