Before We Can Enjoy This 👀 …. Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 458

Before We Can Enjoy This 👀 .... Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 458

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If there’s one skill that has completely changed our lives, it’s learning to say YES! Say yes to adventure, to the unknown, to challenges, to your fears…And in this week’s episode, we say yes to it all! After a loooong cyclone season spent in the Marquesas Islands, and after a 3 days at sea, we are now at the doorstep of one of our most beloved anchorages of all time, Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia. Inside this beautiful and remote atoll lies everything we crave…crystal clear water, stunning 360 degrees views of paradise, endless beaches to explore, and an underwater world waiting to be discovered. But before we could enjoy any of it, we would have to navigate through a minefield of bommies and a narrow pass in low visibility.

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