In our helm station we have built a custom underside panel which will give us easy access to service our winches.

This week we make a big visual impact within our cockpit and helm area by bonding in the underside of our helm area (which will give us easy access to our winches) as well as line and general storage space next to our steps.

The components for these have been partially assembled over the past few weeks, with gelcoat added to the areas which we will not have easy access to once they are in place.

One new addition though, based on some comments from last week's , is an access point to the sliding door pocket, through the base of our storage unit. After Matt cuts a hole into the area, I test out if I can still get to the track for our sliding door, and thankfully I can still reach back far enough to work the furthest screws.

Then it's time to bond these pieces in place! After laying down a little bit of our thickened resin on some of the edges, Matt coats the new additions in our quickly curing methacrylate and we slide them into place and quickly add clamps to keep them there while the adhesive cures.

Matt added a little thickened resin to the aft edges of the storage area and we let the sections cure overnight.

The next morning Matt went through with our router to round the edges and make sure they're not too sharp for any future run-ins. The exterior was glassed and finished off with peel ply.

Since temperatures were so hot (90/32), later that same day Matt was able to pull off the peel ply, do measurements of the interior seams, and glass those in as well.

Over this next week we'll begin fairing these newly glassed areas and getting them ready for paint!

We hope you enjoy!

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 – Making access to our door track
02:39 – Hooray for little hands – again!!
04:57 – Prepping surfaces for methacrylate
07:05 – Bonding in winch access point and helm storage
12:04 – edges and glassing exterior seams
15:19 – Measuring & glassing the interior
17:59 – Closing

It Was Never Enough – Sunbreak
Knockin on Whoever's Door – The Big Letdown
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Mash – Wildflowers
Another Lie – Wellness
Wasted Tears – Isaac Elliott
Pandemonium (Tribute Version) – The Mondays

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