Check out the Tessie's new enhanced vision as Raymarine let me test their FLIR M300C low light and 30 x zoom camera. This is a big lift for my singlehanded navigation. The camera sits 4 meter up the on its Scanstrut support bracket, and is connected to my 3 x Axiom chartplotters. The camera is gyro stabilised, meaning keep the camera lens still while the is moving around in the waves.
It is able to keep a clear vision, even in very low light conditions. A 30 x zoom lets me see obsticles, ships and other objects far away to chart the surroundings while navigating.

This will be a very cntral part when closing into the ice of Greenland in a few weeks. I also hope to detect polarbears and as I enter the icy, cold coast.

Getting prepared for departure in just a few days now!


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