Majestic New Sails, It's a love triangle fueling our EPIC around the world EXPEDITION
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We have been for several years now, on a we bought salvaged from an insurance auction. It came with sails original to the boat, from 2008. Since then we've sailed thousands of miles, through countless . These sails have been beaten by waves, sprayed with squid ink, repaired while at and in multiple professional lofts…but at some point, it's time to say goodbye.

Our original Neil Pryde sails have been great, and we couldn't have asked for better sails to help us learn and get us going on our circumnavigation. And we are beyond excited to be bending on our new set, thank to our at Precision Sails – @PrecisionSailLoftVictoria


Love you all, be safe be good!
Brett Jade Dingo Penny

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