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This week Matt has started a new project of working to finish off our master berth in the starboard hull.

The big hold up this entire time was that we didn't know exactly the helm would be positioned or how the steering cables would come down to the area under our cockpit seats – which is also the back of our berth. And wouldn't it have been a pain to finish it all off originally, only to have to sand down portions so we could glass in extra space for this?

Luckily it was worth the wait, because we did in fact have to add an extra box for the cables to be able to lead down at a specific angle. Matt adds that in, and then also cuts out a space (under the cockpit steps) where the fan for our electric prop will be.

After those are in place he goes through and fits out and glasses in the shelf which will sit at the edge of inboard side of the bed. (Now I just need to find the perfect cup holder to fit in there!!)

While I have been off of the port side of the , perfecting all the coves so all those surfaces can (fingers crossed) get their final coat of finish primer on, Matt also takes to working on the cabin top. The extra edge that came on it to protect it during shipping needs to be cut off, so Matt uses a grinder to get the bulk of it off, and then sands it down to a smooth finish.

Things are really coming along, and I think we might see the light at the end of the tunnel, that by this fall we won't be covered head to toe in dust everyday. 🙂

We hope you enjoy!!

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