were they going without ever knowing the way?

That's a question! Looking back on our past experiences with cruising sailboats, we always find ourselves in trouble while enjoying a glass of sangria in the Azores and Canary Islands.

In 2014, after making our first Atlantic from Miami to Horta (Faial), we got to talking about an aluminum boat that could one day take us to the .

We had high hopes, and lots of delusions, that we could complete a 9 month full refit on this hunk of metal that had been abandoned in Southern Florida for 10 years. 2.5 years after moving her from storage to the work yard (and that was after crossing BACK across the Atlantic to return on our first cruising boat to Florida), we did splash the Alu boat and head out for a grand adventure.

Completing our goal of her into the Arctic Circle, we had been wintering over in the UK when we decided to escape the cold for a few weeks and take advantage of incredibly cheap flights to Tenerife. Think $140 round trip.

Sitting in a Montaditos, we discussed how poor the aluminum boat was at sailing, and how much we missed the performance cruiser of our previous Sabre. But…multihulls were the future, and honestly, I was tired of getting seasick from every we went on.

Mart had hopes for another refit, but I was adamant that the kind of time and effort we'd have to dedicate would be much better spent on a new build. We researched home builds and were eventually contacted by Max in the process.

Once again delusions took over as we thought we could complete this build in 2 years. As you can see, we're already well past that, with at least another year on the horizon.

Would I change ANYTHING about the steps we've taken in the past or where it has lead us now? Absolutely not. This is exactly where I'm supposed to be in my , and when this does hit the water, I know I'll be filled with nothing but pride and joy. 🤩⛵

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