WILL IT INFLATE?! 20 Year Old Liferaft and Bad Lifevests… Sailing Safely Chuffed Special!


Now I know this video is a bit of fun… BUT safety on board is a serious matter! Whether sailing coastal or off shore safety has to be taken serious. A twenty year old life raft and poor quality life vest will not help you when that massive squall pops up over the horizon! In this episode I talk about what I am looking for in new a new life raft and life vest, and test out my current stock… needless to say it’s not a very successful test…

I am looking at these products, would love to know your thoughts and reviews:
Crewsaver ISO Liferaft (4 person) https://www.crew-safe.co.uk/acatalog/Crewsaver-Ocean-ISO-Liferaft-Valise.html
CrewFit Pro Automatic PFD https://survitecgroup.com/us/products/6335/Crewfit40ProUSCGAutomaticHarness

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