Sailing to Svalbard across the Barents Sea – my first ocean passage [ep8]


This time we sail to Svalbard, a 4 day ocean crossing, dodging some drift ice and bad weather. This also happens to be my first real ocean sailing outside of the Baltic Sea. This time I’m not sailing solo but am accompanied with couple friends the whole time.

Svalbard is the most northern destination that you can get to with a “normal “sailing boat, because the Gulf Stream keeps the west coast of Svalbard ice free during most of the year.

Hope you enjoyed it, and have a look at my other videos as well if you did! 🙂

PS. The year (2018) shown at the beginning of the video is wrong , oops! This happened in 2019 😉 I’m currently going through old footage in chronological order and in about a month I think I’ll be able to start posting real time updates.

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