Month: October 2020

How do you deal with garbage?

Cruising is rife with romantic ideals. Exploring faraway places and pristine environments; living in harmony with nature as we make potable water from the sea, power from the sun, and…

/ October 14, 2020

CATs vs MONOHULLs: Which one is the better for Sailing and Cruising?

The perennial question amongst sailors: Catamarans or Monohulls. We sit down with Chris and Elissa from SY Barefeet and look into this very questions, the pros and cons of both…

/ October 8, 2020

Cruising untethered in the Sea of Cortez

Cruising is steeped in freedom. Thanks to coronavirus, that makes it more appealing than ever, while at the same time it is more circumscribed than ever. Sailing north and deeper…

/ October 2, 2020