LIVING ON COCONUTS & BAITFISH πŸ₯₯ πŸ”₯ Catch, climb & cook

G’day to all our mates out there!

Follow Az on an overnight camping trip on his new ocean kayak through tropical islands. “We had to eat our fishing bait, found one coconut tree, ate oysters fresh from the rocks and cooked squid on the fire.” Shane “Dange” Ross and Dan “Gunzy” Gunzburg are two of the crew that Az Kayaked to the tip of Australia with weeks after this initial overnight paddle.

Thanks for the support, we have a lot of content coming your way. And big missions planned for 2021.

We create these vids to help inspire, motivate, educate you to get out there whatever way you can and get back 2 basics. Hope to see you out here,

Az & Strick.

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