How We Keep Travelling During Covid ? Reflections From The Cockpit


Welcome to one of our cockpit sessions which is normally exclusively for patrons but this time we thought we would allow all our subscribers to see one to get a feel of what they are about.
We talk a bit about how our patrons have supported us pre-covid and how in the future their contribution will be very significant in giving us the confidence to carry on and face the increased tests, applications and general bureaucracy that seems to be required for travel in the current climate.

We have patrons who have supported us from the start, some that come and go and those that have joined us recently despite the uncertainty in the world. Many have also sent individual gifts from books to electronic kits, camera equipment, computors , water toys, kites and even videos for our kids to be more creative as well as many more. All of this enhances our experiences and as we share all of this on our channel, we hope to spread some happiness, inspiration and hope to an ever increasing audience.

It is difficult to travel nowadays and many flights are cancelled but on a boat, we tend to have less restrictions in movement. Boats are often seen as bio secure environments. However, we have to keep a close watch on changing protocols. Some countries are still completely closed and others require a PCR test from your previous port of call, a test on arrival and a further test after 5 days while in quarantine. We aim to travel in the places that may just require a test from the previous port and take into account your time at sea as time for quarantine.

It is quite daunting and scary leaving a port and not knowing what the situation will be in the next place. As a sailor, you experience this anyway but with Covid, this feeling is increased. We have decided to keep going and some things help us make these decisions such as knowing we have a bit of extra support from our patrons, both practically and emotionally , the contributions help to enhance our intinerary and cover some of the extra costs such as the extra testing and the data for uploading videos in obscure places.

And the future ? We cannot plan too far ahead in this ever changing world, ideally we would like to end up in New Zealand by November 2021 but until the Pacific opens up more, we may find ourselves sheltering in the Caribbean during the hurricane season. Who knows !

What ever happens we shall keep sharing our crazy journey so keep watching, keep sharing and keep smiling!
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