#BoatLife before the Pandemic: As we explore the remote atolls of the Tuamotus, the stress of that remoteness comes home. We attempt to find , we give you a tour of our nav table, and we explain how we do our watch schedule. We learn how to use our camera (finally), and Elizabeth battles with some personal issues before flying home for a week. It's a jam packed episode!

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www.VacayStyle.com is Elizabeth's resort-wear start-up that she formed in 2016. We manage to keep the company going from the , but it does require that she fly home twice a year to source new fabrics, choose patterns and meet with her factory and pattern makers. Everything is made in San Francisco. Check it out!

Our Navigation table computer is a 12 volt PC made by Entec out of . It runs Windows and a software called TimeZero that accepts the boats NMEA data to display it real-time on screen. We have wind, radar and AIS alarms that probably do a better job than a human when looking for objects at night – so we try to nap with a 20 minute timer when we can. However, when conditions call for it (wind shifts, other boats, near shore, etc) then we hold a two hour on and two hour off watch schedule.

We use a Sony A7iii camera for most of the footage with a Rode mini wind mic. We also use our iPhone 11 when away from the boat. The time-lapse imagery and underwater is from our GoPro8. And our shots are done with a DJI Mavic Pro 2. All editing is done with FCPX.

Check out our new FAQ page on our website: www.the-sailing-.com



ABOUT US: We are a family of five sailing around the world on our “dream boat,” a performance named “Archer.”

Ten years ago, before kids, we sailed a Lagoon 380 named “Honeymoon” halfway around the world to Sydney, . Along the way we shared our experiences with family and via YouTube, and by happenstance created one of the earliest sailing channels still posting. We also realized what an incredible experience we were having and that someday we wanted to do it again, only this time with our kids.

OUR BOAT is a Ferrari red Outremer 51 performance cruising catamaran. We chose this boat as it has been specifically designed for the purpose of bluewater sailing. It was designed and built to withstand the stress of “sailing multiple times around the world safely and in comfort.” And yes, she's nice on the eyes too.

OUR ROUTE has taken us from the Boston/Cape Cod area of the United States down to the Caribbean and through the Panama Canal. At the time of posting this we have dealt with the lock down in New Zealand, a cateogry 5 cyclone in Fiji, and now we are cruising again in Covid Free Australia.

PLEASE COMMENT!: As a “family channel,” we are required to actively monitor all comments, but we still want to hear from you. Tell us what you think!

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