Okay so some of you go sailing to get away from the world, but for cruisers like us our boat is our home and it needs to be connected.
Close to lane you you may get data with your mobile phone or tablet but it can be pretty sketchy and down below, especially in a metal boat your unlikely to get signal.
This video looks at a system we thought was the best around after some research. It allows you to receive Wifi at a much greater distance than you could do without it and when there’s no Wifi available or you’re our of range, can be switched over to receive a 4G signal, they claim, at up to 20 miles from shore. We will be testing that!
In any case this equipment will provide connectivity at mush greater distances from habitation and thats not just about watching Netfix. It’s being able to get weather reports, check google earth for terrain, get really useful information about ports of call and all the other things that make life easier and safer.

If you’re interested in this sort of gear then talk to Ben at Pro Marine http://www.promarinestore.co.uk/
He’s very helpful especially if you want various things boxed up and sent somewhere.
We get most of our boats bits from him now.