You know that feeling when you’ve bitten more than you can chew? Winter sailing in New England is no joke, and it took its toll on both Delos and her crew. We find ourselves facing a gigantic project list to complete in only a few weeks before Karin’s US Visa expires. After running aground 4 times we finally make it to a dock in Annapolis to begin tackling our list. Delos is now over 20 years old and she’s in need of some love, and we’re in the perfect place for us to get some work done. After writing our to-do list we both feel a bit stunned by what we’ve taken on, and things don’t get easier as Brian heads in for surgery making him incapacitated for at least two weeks.

Thanks for watching and for all the love! Below are some links if you want to get even more emerged into our sailing life as a family. Many HUGS! Kazza, Brian and little Sierra

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