Despite warnings from basically every sailor ever, we wait for the perfect window, then head off into some of the most treacherous waters on the planet, and commence our 800 mile non-stop journey around the southern part of .

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Renee & the Z-Crew

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The Way You Think by J.F. Gloss
Pandemonium (Tribute Version) by Mondays (feat Hanna Stone)
With the Current by River Run Dry
Dancing with the Devil by Bonkers Beat Club

00:00 Water Maker Repairs
2:40 Impending wind, moving anchorage
3:47 Wind has arrived, but let's go exploring
5:16 Water Maker parts have arrived!
8:02 Trip to the grocery store
10:38 Prepping to Leave on 5-day
12:18 Day 1 of our 5-day passage


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