BACK to BOAT LIFE! The Florida Loop on a 28′ Trimaran Sailboat!


We are FINALLY back to full time boat life! We loaded up the trimaran and set out on our first leg of the Florida loop. We planned to just get to the first lock out of 5 but we were able to make it all the way to Mayaca in our first day.

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Skip ahead:
00:00 start
00:05 packing for 1 month on a small sailboat
00:52 Grocery Shopping for the trip
02:55 loading up the trimaran
05:46 shoving off!
07:26 motoring under I-95
07:51 Our first lock – St. Lucie Lock
08:09 What is a lock?
09:56 Raising 13′ in the lock
11:00 leaving the lock
11:34 our old boat neighbor
12:04 running out of fuel
12:35 explaining the Florida loop aka smugglers run
13:04 tying up to dolphins
13:26 done for the night
15:10 What’s for dinner

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